“It’s more important that you be passionate about what you do all day than it is to be passionate about the product that is being sold.” – Seth Godin

Read and understand this quote.  Michael Weisman from Likeable Media, talks about why you need passion as a marketer.  Passion is the reason you are successful.  It allows you to break out of your fears and do what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Marketers are using passion to promote themselves through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks.  They are now able to show their passions to large audiences at a time.  The good marketers are the ones who are driven by something within themselves to succeed.  Likeable Media’s value statement: “We are driven, passionate, transparent, adaptable thought leaders. We are Likeable. We are passionate in everything we do.”

This passion, this drive to succeed is the reason we are good at things we do.  You can’t forget to be passionate in the things you do.  It shows others how determined and committed you are.  Passion is what drives me to do what I want to do for the rest of my life.  If nothing else I will always remember that the most important thing to do when doing anything is to put passion into it.


Marketing TechBlog has come up with unique infographics to describe the state of social media marketing.  The State Of Social Marekting Report: 7 Major Findings & In-Depth Analysis is a report published by Awareness in which they analyze business objectives within social media.  Go to the link provided within the post to see the infographacis for yourself! They are pretty unique and creative. Infographics are a unique idea to get your ideas across without a lot of wording.  Blog posts that include infographics stick in the minds of their readers due to the creative pictures and visuals that are used.  Knowing that visuals stick out more than just words, posts with bigger and better pictures will help my ideas stand out.

Heidi Cohen: blogger/marketer expert, gives us seven ways to create authentic blog content.  She makes us look at it through five elements, authentic content that is personal, emotional, engaging, valuing activities, and trustworthy.  Keeping these in mind, she points out seven tips that can make your content more persuasive and creative.

  1. Show off your product.
  2. Tell your (or your organization’s) story.
  3. Answer your prospects questions.  
  4. Provide expert advice. 
  5. Allow your employees to take the stage. 
  6. Let your customers sing your praises.

The biggest thing with producing genuine content is that ingenuity needs to be seen with each post.  It needs to sound like it would be said by a real person.  It should provide relevant information for your readers. This article just insisted on the idea that genuine ideas need to be shown to your readers.  Cause if you don’t think the product should succeed then how will your readers or customers.  She illustrates the importance of creating authentic content, which I am happy to see.  It keeps me wanting to come up with bigger and better stories.

Nowadays marketing your product online and getting the attention you want can be challenging.  However I have found a way with the help of Pushing Social, a site dedicated to practical blogging tips with some new insight, that could benefit you in the future.  You ever wonder how you could make your blog a source of income? Making an effective blog has to deal with the right balance of marketing strategies, educational value, relationship building with your readers.  Presell Posts are what I am talking about.  They allow your posts to become the solution without losing valuable blog content.  Why Presell Posts work.  They allow your readers to become aware that you are “open for business.”  They are used as a gateway to a successful blog.  They also describe your services and give a reason why to your blog.  Doing too many Presell posts will dilute the value of your posts. I would use this solution in my blog to promote my ideas and works.  This tip is useful to me as a future blogger knowing that this is a way to actually make income in the future.

Marcus Sheridan a.k.a. The Sale’s Lion has come up with an ultimate 11-step plan to launching a successful business blog in 6 months or less.

          1. Management Buy-In
2. The “Why” Workshop
          3. Everyone participates in content brainstorm
          4. Individuals Brainstorm
          5. CCO selection, Management Editor assigned, No Bottlenecks Allowed
          6. Editorial Calendar Written, Names and Dates Assigned
          7. Better Analytics
          8.The Initial Content Burst
          9. Email and Assignment Selling Implementation
          10. Bi-monthly Newsletter
          11. Management Praise

This is his plan.  Go to the link provided and read for yourself, Marcus’ ultimate 11-step plan for success.  This plan is very involved and full of potential information for you to use.  Using this plan as a potential writer gives me a better understanding of the workload that would need to be done to get a successful blog fast.

Jeff Bullas is a blogger that talks about social media marketing.  He has recently come out with a new book Blogging the Smart Way, which talks about the tips and tactics to making your blog a success.  He discusses the secrets of a blog using social media.  He used tactics applied in the top 50 marketing blogs.  His blog has been ranked in the top 10 social media blogs of 2012, and ranked #14 on the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers.  Somethings that you will learn from the book includes the importance of passion and purpose, how to find your audience, how your audience can find you, etc. His book is now on Amazon.  This book is an excellent source of understanding how to make blogging effect.  Reading this book would benefit anyone looking to use social media in the future to advertise or promote their business.  Try it out for yourself and see where your blog goes.

Today’s social media strategies includes media that is owned, paid, and earned.  Year after year social media networks compete with one another about global and local social media strategies to try and get a leg up on the competition.  However the past few years Facebook has blown the competition away.  Out of the 136 countries mapped for social media networking, Facebook is first in 127.  Facebook will pass 1 billion followers in a few years.  They have already pushed Orkut, dominant #1 position out of Brazil, and Japan’s popular mobile sites.  This just shows the dominance of Facebook throughout the globe.  Knowing how popular Facebook is becoming advertising my business with Facebook would be a good marketing strategy.  This marketing strategy would best communicate my ideas to my followers and users.