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Creativity brings out inspiration.  It allows words to come together and make an idea or puts an image in your head.  Creativity is something that no one should live without.  Creativity makes everyone unique beings. Having said that, John Cleese, one of the most creativity people alive today gives a speech about tips of being creative.   “Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating,” Cleese said. “Creativity is not an ability that you either have or do not have. It is…absolutely unrelated to IQ.”  There are a few conditions of how to be more creative.  You need space, time, confidence, and sometimes humor.  Anything you do can be creative.  I try to use creativity while I post Facebook or Twitter statuses in order for them to stand out for my audience.  I like the feeling of making a creative unique post.  You feel empowered.

John Cleese 1991

Recent Interview with John Cleese on Creativity


The phrase “social media” is sometimes correlated with a younger generation.  When dealing with businesses and executives David Meerman Scott, pronounced blogger, says “When I speak with executives around the world about social media and business, many think of their kids’ (or grandkids’) Facebook or the Twitter silliness they hear about on television. ”  Instead of using “social” Scott replaces it with “real-time.” Scott says, “When I ask to the same executives about “real-time communications with customers” they lean forward and want to know more. These are the same people who dismiss Twitter.”  The change of phrases gets the businesses attention.  They are looking at what people are doing and wanting right now! They are eager to persuade “real-time” media by implementing these ideas.  Real-time media is a better way of understanding what I was doing with live updates and tweets from the Carnival.  It was “real-time” communication with my audience.

Only reading the first few lessons, you can see how important these lessons really are.  Mark Hermann came up with 20 content marketing lessons that are more or less life lessons.  Look at the first three; You have to want to change the world, create something that has never existed, and become the dream.  These are only the first three lessons with 17 more.  These lessons are more than just for marketing purposes.  I highly suggest you read them and understand them.  They can help motivate you to become a better person and or motivate you to thrive in your work.  I am taking these lessons to heart.  After reading them, I want to put myself in those shoes.  I want to be the dream, or change the world, or electrify my audience.  These lessons will help me shape what I want to do for the rest of my life.

So I found this website, SplashMedia, and on it I found this story, Michael Bepko, Global Online Community Manager for Whole Foods Market, talking about the whole story behind big brands in Social Media.  He talked about social media media management for food retailers, ways to share multimedia content, and more.  This story interested me for a couple reasons.  One, wondering how big brands use social media that effectively, and two I worked for Giant Eagle, a competitor of Whole Foods.  They understand the mechanics of a large business that knows how to know their audience and to reach them effectively.  This video was pretty interesting. Give it a shot and see for yourself.  

Heidi Cohen: blogger/marketer expert, gives us seven ways to create authentic blog content.  She makes us look at it through five elements, authentic content that is personal, emotional, engaging, valuing activities, and trustworthy.  Keeping these in mind, she points out seven tips that can make your content more persuasive and creative.

  1. Show off your product.
  2. Tell your (or your organization’s) story.
  3. Answer your prospects questions.  
  4. Provide expert advice. 
  5. Allow your employees to take the stage. 
  6. Let your customers sing your praises.

The biggest thing with producing genuine content is that ingenuity needs to be seen with each post.  It needs to sound like it would be said by a real person.  It should provide relevant information for your readers. This article just insisted on the idea that genuine ideas need to be shown to your readers.  Cause if you don’t think the product should succeed then how will your readers or customers.  She illustrates the importance of creating authentic content, which I am happy to see.  It keeps me wanting to come up with bigger and better stories.

Nowadays marketing your product online and getting the attention you want can be challenging.  However I have found a way with the help of Pushing Social, a site dedicated to practical blogging tips with some new insight, that could benefit you in the future.  You ever wonder how you could make your blog a source of income? Making an effective blog has to deal with the right balance of marketing strategies, educational value, relationship building with your readers.  Presell Posts are what I am talking about.  They allow your posts to become the solution without losing valuable blog content.  Why Presell Posts work.  They allow your readers to become aware that you are “open for business.”  They are used as a gateway to a successful blog.  They also describe your services and give a reason why to your blog.  Doing too many Presell posts will dilute the value of your posts. I would use this solution in my blog to promote my ideas and works.  This tip is useful to me as a future blogger knowing that this is a way to actually make income in the future.

Jeff Bullas is a blogger that talks about social media marketing.  He has recently come out with a new book Blogging the Smart Way, which talks about the tips and tactics to making your blog a success.  He discusses the secrets of a blog using social media.  He used tactics applied in the top 50 marketing blogs.  His blog has been ranked in the top 10 social media blogs of 2012, and ranked #14 on the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers.  Somethings that you will learn from the book includes the importance of passion and purpose, how to find your audience, how your audience can find you, etc. His book is now on Amazon.  This book is an excellent source of understanding how to make blogging effect.  Reading this book would benefit anyone looking to use social media in the future to advertise or promote their business.  Try it out for yourself and see where your blog goes.