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There are multiple reasons on how to maximize coverage of any event using video and live reporting.  Andrea Cook on Social Media Examiner, gives us ten tips on how to do so.  Live event reporting is beginning to be the new way of promoting and amplifying event coverage.  I used these tips in order to promote my Carnival/Concert for Phi Mu campaign.  Her tips consist of giving back to sponsors, create photo galleries, promote event via Facebook or Twitter, remind audience of video channel, engage online viewers, and share video clips.  We all gave back to the sponsors of the event (Phi Tau and Phi Mu) by donating money towards the raffle, auction, and the band.  I created a photo gallery of the Chinese auction on Facebook, giving the audience a chance to preview all of the items.  Both I and other Phi Mus promoted the event via Facebook and Twitter, giving all of our friends the opportunity to come to the event.  I created a YouTube channel that engages with the participants.  Sharing the information with social media sites and other offline means got the word out and gave us a good turn out.  These tips helped provide me with the greatest way to promote my campaign.  I am very pleased with the turn out.  Thank you to everyone that was involved.



The phrase “social media” is sometimes correlated with a younger generation.  When dealing with businesses and executives David Meerman Scott, pronounced blogger, says “When I speak with executives around the world about social media and business, many think of their kids’ (or grandkids’) Facebook or the Twitter silliness they hear about on television. ”  Instead of using “social” Scott replaces it with “real-time.” Scott says, “When I ask to the same executives about “real-time communications with customers” they lean forward and want to know more. These are the same people who dismiss Twitter.”  The change of phrases gets the businesses attention.  They are looking at what people are doing and wanting right now! They are eager to persuade “real-time” media by implementing these ideas.  Real-time media is a better way of understanding what I was doing with live updates and tweets from the Carnival.  It was “real-time” communication with my audience.

Nowadays blogs are a way for some to earn a living.  These are the pros and how they succeed can be seen through three tips.  These tips are provided for us by Vivik Krishnan, posting from Ask Aaron Lee another blogger.

1. Discipline- To be successful one must be discipline and committed.  The blogs that are active for only a few weeks or months are the ones that fade away.  To be successful at blogging a good regularity of posts must be seen for your readers to stay engaged.

2. Social Behavior- Understanding and observing how your posts are seen and took is an essential part of successful blogging.

3. Be Creative- Creativity is the number one thing that gives a blogger an advantage over another.  Make use of your creativity and make blogging fun and inventive rather than see it as work.

These three tips are more useful than just using them for blogging.  They are life lessons to be understood.  Everytime I read the article and understand what you need to do to be successful, I think about discipline, behavior, and creativity.  This article is a successful blog because it makes you think about life and what you need to be successful.

Creativity is key

Valeria Maltoni, veteran marketing strategist has compiled her own blog Conversation Agent. On it she discusses marketing, communications, business building, and more.  I found this video in which she talks about SunGuard, whom she is the Director of Marketing Communications, in which she explains how their conservative business found a way in the social media world.  She discusses how she built from within the core of the company and tracked their success.  She found that they were successfully engaging with their customers online in social media.  Throughout the video she talks about how she was able to bring success to the company through social media even though most of their customers are not online.  Listening to the video gives me a chance to hear what it takes to succeed.  If I were to end up with a company in which their customers weren’t online, this video gives me the ability to persuade others how we could be successful online and build a larger audience.


 <p><a href=”″>SunGard: Building Social Media from Within, by Valeria Maltoni; presented by GasPedal and the SMBC

So I found this website, SplashMedia, and on it I found this story, Michael Bepko, Global Online Community Manager for Whole Foods Market, talking about the whole story behind big brands in Social Media.  He talked about social media media management for food retailers, ways to share multimedia content, and more.  This story interested me for a couple reasons.  One, wondering how big brands use social media that effectively, and two I worked for Giant Eagle, a competitor of Whole Foods.  They understand the mechanics of a large business that knows how to know their audience and to reach them effectively.  This video was pretty interesting. Give it a shot and see for yourself.  

“It’s more important that you be passionate about what you do all day than it is to be passionate about the product that is being sold.” – Seth Godin

Read and understand this quote.  Michael Weisman from Likeable Media, talks about why you need passion as a marketer.  Passion is the reason you are successful.  It allows you to break out of your fears and do what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Marketers are using passion to promote themselves through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks.  They are now able to show their passions to large audiences at a time.  The good marketers are the ones who are driven by something within themselves to succeed.  Likeable Media’s value statement: “We are driven, passionate, transparent, adaptable thought leaders. We are Likeable. We are passionate in everything we do.”

This passion, this drive to succeed is the reason we are good at things we do.  You can’t forget to be passionate in the things you do.  It shows others how determined and committed you are.  Passion is what drives me to do what I want to do for the rest of my life.  If nothing else I will always remember that the most important thing to do when doing anything is to put passion into it.

Marketing TechBlog has come up with unique infographics to describe the state of social media marketing.  The State Of Social Marekting Report: 7 Major Findings & In-Depth Analysis is a report published by Awareness in which they analyze business objectives within social media.  Go to the link provided within the post to see the infographacis for yourself! They are pretty unique and creative. Infographics are a unique idea to get your ideas across without a lot of wording.  Blog posts that include infographics stick in the minds of their readers due to the creative pictures and visuals that are used.  Knowing that visuals stick out more than just words, posts with bigger and better pictures will help my ideas stand out.