There are multiple reasons on how to maximize coverage of any event using video and live reporting.  Andrea Cook on Social Media Examiner, gives us ten tips on how to do so.  Live event reporting is beginning to be the new way of promoting and amplifying event coverage.  I used these tips in order to promote my Carnival/Concert for Phi Mu campaign.  Her tips consist of giving back to sponsors, create photo galleries, promote event via Facebook or Twitter, remind audience of video channel, engage online viewers, and share video clips.  We all gave back to the sponsors of the event (Phi Tau and Phi Mu) by donating money towards the raffle, auction, and the band.  I created a photo gallery of the Chinese auction on Facebook, giving the audience a chance to preview all of the items.  Both I and other Phi Mus promoted the event via Facebook and Twitter, giving all of our friends the opportunity to come to the event.  I created a YouTube channel that engages with the participants.  Sharing the information with social media sites and other offline means got the word out and gave us a good turn out.  These tips helped provide me with the greatest way to promote my campaign.  I am very pleased with the turn out.  Thank you to everyone that was involved.