The phrase “social media” is sometimes correlated with a younger generation.  When dealing with businesses and executives David Meerman Scott, pronounced blogger, says “When I speak with executives around the world about social media and business, many think of their kids’ (or grandkids’) Facebook or the Twitter silliness they hear about on television. ”  Instead of using “social” Scott replaces it with “real-time.” Scott says, “When I ask to the same executives about “real-time communications with customers” they lean forward and want to know more. These are the same people who dismiss Twitter.”  The change of phrases gets the businesses attention.  They are looking at what people are doing and wanting right now! They are eager to persuade “real-time” media by implementing these ideas.  Real-time media is a better way of understanding what I was doing with live updates and tweets from the Carnival.  It was “real-time” communication with my audience.