Nowadays blogs are a way for some to earn a living.  These are the pros and how they succeed can be seen through three tips.  These tips are provided for us by Vivik Krishnan, posting from Ask Aaron Lee another blogger.

1. Discipline- To be successful one must be discipline and committed.  The blogs that are active for only a few weeks or months are the ones that fade away.  To be successful at blogging a good regularity of posts must be seen for your readers to stay engaged.

2. Social Behavior- Understanding and observing how your posts are seen and took is an essential part of successful blogging.

3. Be Creative- Creativity is the number one thing that gives a blogger an advantage over another.  Make use of your creativity and make blogging fun and inventive rather than see it as work.

These three tips are more useful than just using them for blogging.  They are life lessons to be understood.  Everytime I read the article and understand what you need to do to be successful, I think about discipline, behavior, and creativity.  This article is a successful blog because it makes you think about life and what you need to be successful.

Creativity is key