Heidi Cohen: blogger/marketer expert, gives us seven ways to create authentic blog content.  She makes us look at it through five elements, authentic content that is personal, emotional, engaging, valuing activities, and trustworthy.  Keeping these in mind, she points out seven tips that can make your content more persuasive and creative.

  1. Show off your product.
  2. Tell your (or your organization’s) story.
  3. Answer your prospects questions.  
  4. Provide expert advice. 
  5. Allow your employees to take the stage. 
  6. Let your customers sing your praises.

The biggest thing with producing genuine content is that ingenuity needs to be seen with each post.  It needs to sound like it would be said by a real person.  It should provide relevant information for your readers. This article just insisted on the idea that genuine ideas need to be shown to your readers.  Cause if you don’t think the product should succeed then how will your readers or customers.  She illustrates the importance of creating authentic content, which I am happy to see.  It keeps me wanting to come up with bigger and better stories.