Nowadays marketing your product online and getting the attention you want can be challenging.  However I have found a way with the help of Pushing Social, a site dedicated to practical blogging tips with some new insight, that could benefit you in the future.  You ever wonder how you could make your blog a source of income? Making an effective blog has to deal with the right balance of marketing strategies, educational value, relationship building with your readers.  Presell Posts are what I am talking about.  They allow your posts to become the solution without losing valuable blog content.  Why Presell Posts work.  They allow your readers to become aware that you are “open for business.”  They are used as a gateway to a successful blog.  They also describe your services and give a reason why to your blog.  Doing too many Presell posts will dilute the value of your posts. I would use this solution in my blog to promote my ideas and works.  This tip is useful to me as a future blogger knowing that this is a way to actually make income in the future.