Marcus Sheridan a.k.a. The Sale’s Lion has come up with an ultimate 11-step plan to launching a successful business blog in 6 months or less.

          1. Management Buy-In
2. The “Why” Workshop
          3. Everyone participates in content brainstorm
          4. Individuals Brainstorm
          5. CCO selection, Management Editor assigned, No Bottlenecks Allowed
          6. Editorial Calendar Written, Names and Dates Assigned
          7. Better Analytics
          8.The Initial Content Burst
          9. Email and Assignment Selling Implementation
          10. Bi-monthly Newsletter
          11. Management Praise

This is his plan.  Go to the link provided and read for yourself, Marcus’ ultimate 11-step plan for success.  This plan is very involved and full of potential information for you to use.  Using this plan as a potential writer gives me a better understanding of the workload that would need to be done to get a successful blog fast.