Everything is going mobile these days including social media.  Social Mouth discusses business on mobile devices. With recent statistics we see that 60% of Twitter’s users use their mobile app.  Instagram statistics show that 100% of their users use their app on mobile devices.  So where does Facebook fall in all of this? Social Baker has published infographics to display Facebook’s mobile growth from May to August 2012.  This is what they came up with.  “According to this infographic, Facebook has reached 543 million mobile users, a 57% of its total user base” (Social Mouth).  Social Mouth discusses the importance of doing business as an entrepreneur on mobile devices.  They say that turning your blog content into not just a generic app but actual engagement with your audience to communicate your brand and business.  Understanding this would benefit me in the future because I would know how vital it would be to incorporate mobile devices into my work as either a journalist or reporter.  Mobile audiences benefits me by creating communication with my audience quicker and easier.